Repairing mobile devices is not much different from a computer. The key difference is the size of the devices themselves and the components inside. They are also high-tech computers with an autonomous power supply and the necessary means of communication. As a rule, have their own source of visual display. Understanding the principle of operation and having enough skills it is possible to repair everything with the condition of expediency. On cell phones and tablets it is also possible to reinstall or install a different operating system.

  • Substitution or selection of software
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  • Removes viruses, cleans system and memory from unnecessary, temporary and outdated data
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  • As with computers, telephone and online follow-up service available
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  • In cases of uncompleted repairs there is no charge
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  • Replacement of expensive components is subject to prior arrangement.

  • Diagnostics of mobile devices - the main component of all repairs, without proper training it is not possible. In connection with this professional repair, it is primarily the diagnosis and identification of current problems associated with failures in the software or electronic content of the device, in some cases, diagnosis allows you to prevent more serious problems that could lead to data loss or costly replacement of components. Detect the exact cause of the failure, rather than just fixing the current problem. As a rule of thumb, software does not fail on its own without a reason. It is always preceded either by a technical malfunction of the electronics or an unintended effect of a third-party source on the software files. Be it viruses or erroneous actions of the device user. In either case, before fixing the problem at hand, you should first make sure there is nothing else causing it.

  • Optimizing or upgrading computers (upgrades). Any computer can, at some point, stop being productive enough to keep the user happy, fast, and up-to-date on tasks. And there can be several problems. The most recurring is poor-quality cooling components of the device, it is usually solved by maintenance, that is, cleaning or replacement of the cooling system. The next variant of problems is software and hardware failures. They require diagnosis and troubleshooting. But on top of this come and quite logical case of loss of performance is simply obsolescence of equipment. Every year newer versions of software come out and they require more productive computer hardware, while alas not always being better and more functional. Marketing rules the world and we like it or not, but in most cases we have to move with the times. So the time comes to upgrade your device. And it almost makes no sense to buy a new computer every year. Most often it is enough to make a competent upgrade and you can continue to work for a long time with the same features as when you buy a new device. With a professional and competent upgrade you get a computer with modern performance at a more justifiable price.

  • In the case of a characteristic display (e.g. cracks, physical damage or image distortion), the diagnosis for the replacement of the display is made immediately. In some cases, such as the lack of image response to touch, it is necessary to diagnose the cause because it is not always a malfunction of the display. There are different displays for the same device.

    • The Original is the (Expensive) display which is produced for devices under the manufacturer's brand name and is the same quality as the one installed from the factory
    • Copy is a (Not expensive) display which is produced by non-specialized manufacturers and may have slight deviations in quality.
    • Fake is a (cheap) display, usually of low quality, that has a suitable connection interface and dimensions, but not necessarily identical to the original
    We don't use the third option when repairing.

  • On mobile devices alas, the choice of operating system is limited due to the hardware component used. But almost always there are several modifications of the firmware (these are the names of a complete copy of the drive with partitions), which under certain conditions can be used on the same model. In some cases it is possible to open full access (Root) to the configuration of the device, which as a rule from the factory is not provided. This increases the possibilities, but imposes certain security obligations. If you want you choose the system you are interested in from the possible, explain the type of tasks for which I install or modify. Install the system with a backup setup or create a rollback to the original state after installation. Any private non-standard options are possible. According to a pre-designed installation scenario.